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Our vision is to provide opportunities and experiences for all, which empowers lifelong learning journeys.


At All About Children day cares, our philosophy is based on Belonging. It is the basis for future and learning and development. If someone feels like they belong they will want to interact with each other, their peers, the teachers and the parents. They will want to participate in the early childhood education programme we offer and the inspiring environment we create. We strive to acknowledge everyone as an individual, starting with the children. Be a part of an effective and communicative team. Environment is challenging, stimulating and culturally inclusive. Lifting the spirits of our tamariki. Ongoing professional development for all. Never give up and to keep trying. Going the extra mile to ensure that we are providing a warm, welcoming and home-like atmosphere. Interactions are positive and respectful. Natural learning occurs for all. Goals and aspirations are valued and are in consultation with parents and whanau.


  • Language and literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Mechanics and construction
  • Music and Movement
  • Social Understanding
  • Science and nature
  • Visual Arts.
  • Express their needs
  • Deal with conflict and solve problems
  • Develop self-esteem
  • Find security
  • Achieve satisfaction
  • Develop small/fine motor skills
  • Become aware of their capabilities
  • Have an opportunity to extend themselves

Have scope to develop at their own pace

  • At All About Children, we combine caring with learning that is centred on the principles of Te Whariki, the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum. Learning is turned into an adventure at every age and stage of your child’s development, with hands-on experiences forming an integral part of this journey. The programme is delivered by a passionate group of educators who are qualified and experienced in early childhood education.
  • Our early childhood education programme is developed keeping in mind the broad development parameters of each group. We continuously evolve this programme to encourage child development in a safe, fun and stimulating environment. Your child will enjoy gaining knowledge and understanding the world around them, making better choices in life.
  • Each of our centres is unique and reflects the needs and ethos of the community within which they are based. This is reflected in the early childhood programme each one follows – each centre has a distinct flavour to their delivery of the Te Whariki-inspired programme.
  • We also respect that every child is unique, has different interests and learning requirements. The early childhood learning programme at every centre is tailored to meet these individual needs, ensuring every child in our centres blooms into confident learners. We embrace our responsibility to co-create a safe, caring & nurturing learning environment where our children & communities can flourish. We do it with integrity, courage, humility & love.
  • No matter what age you entrust your child to our AAC family, you’ll find that gentle, unhurried interactions with children not only build strong, loving attachments, they also ensure that the care is respectful and responsive to your child.
  • Growth, development and learning begin at birth which is why focusing on your child’s social and emotional development as well as our Foundation Skills program run through each stage of development, from birth to preschool, incorporating activities that lay down those essential foundations that benefit your little one by giving them the best opportunity to succeed in life and in future formal education.
  • Parent partnership is key to exceptional care and education, because it links home and centre life. Your connection and communication is how we learn about your child. With this knowledge, and spending time with your little one, we notice what they are doing during the day, recognise their interests, strengths and needs, and then respond to keep them safe and ensure they have a sense of belonging.
  • Spending the day with your little one is a gift; it’s filled with opportunities to have fun; and it’s a privilege to be able to celebrate their amazing milestones and keep them Safe, Loved and Learning.


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