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Between the ages of three and five are some of the most exciting years in your child’s life. This is when their curiosity peaks and they can rapidly absorb and apply their newly acquired knowledge. Children begin interacting more with other children and the wider community. They start to form social groups and share knowledge and understanding in order to tackle complex challenges.

At All About Children Childcare Opaheke, we tailor our daycare curriculum to specifically meet these growing needs and encourage qualitative learning whilst laying down strong foundations that are so vital at this age. Inspired by the Reggio Emilia childcare approach, our curriculum is designed to address the children’s interests and to develop their skills.

Why Reggio Emilia?
Opaheke papakura daycare centre

Nido (under 2 years)

Meaning “nest”, at Nido your baby will feel loved and cared for through everyday care moments. We observe our babies’ natural cycles around sleeping, feeding and eating and support them by meeting them to develop trust. Exploration and relationship building with natural material is encouraged – all at their own pace. When they’re ready our babies celebrate their independence at their own levels such as preparing the table or cleaning floors.

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Teina Rumaki (2 to 3 ½ years)

This room continues the Reggio facets as instilled in the infant room. The value of respect takes a core shape as children begin to participate in understanding their role in designing their own room and planning their own curriculum. Collaboration and respecting others’ rights to play are understood at this stage. Toddlers become more independent, cutting fruits, setting up their own table and even toilet training.

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Rainbow room (3 ½ to 5 years)

Our Tuakana’s are the confident, creative learners who like to challenge themselves. This room is an amalgamation of creative art, curiosity, and confidence. Children here are gearing up for primary school by acquiring self-help skills and learning to self-regulate their emotions. Central to the whole approach at this stage is the conception of the child as a subject of rights and as a competent, active learner, continuously building and testing theories about herself and the world around her. Our experienced teachers support this learning style and develop a curriculum that facilitates it. Visit us to learn more.

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