Championing children and all they can be

From birth, children demonstrate a curiosity to explore and learn. Our goal is to work with parents and the community to provide a stimulating environment and tailored learning that focuses on the needs and interest of each child.

Guided by the Ministry of Education’s Te Whaariki framework, our thoughtfully created childcare curriculum gives every child an opportunity to create meaningful learning experiences everyday through play. Your child’s personal journal will capture this wonderful journey as it unfilds.

daycare opaheke papakura

Busy bees (under 2 years)

We follow a primary caregiver model for our littlest learners to build a sense of security and trust. A warm, nurturing and calm environment allows them to grow at their own pace. Every infant has different needs, so we have flexible routines and experienced educators to meet these diverse requirements. Learning programmes for this age aim to enhance their senses – smell, touch, sense and sight.

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Honey pot (2 to 3 ½ years)

For a toddler, the world is a magical place, full of things to discover. We facilitate their adventure by providing a safe yet stimulating environment where they can take risks, learn and grow. Widely considered as the core foundation years of learning, we provide experiences that encourage cognitive thinking, self-help skills and sensory enhancement. Our days are full of fun and excitement with a sprinkling of structure.

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child care opaheke papakura

Rainbow room (3 ½ to 5 years)

It’s that time of their life when the littlies start coming into their own. We help them explore their independence in a supportive environment while preparing them for more formal learning (a.k.a. school) through a transition to school programme. Teaching strategies are adapted to suit every child and progress learning with a low teacher to student ratio enabling such individual programme delivery.

Meet the educators who help with the most important transition in a child’s life.

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Nature Walk Programme

We believe in rearing free-range kids. Learning opportunities abound outside the classroom and amidst nature. Our teachers and their wards frequent local trails and parks as part of our Nature Walk Programme. Children play with sticks, find bugs, climb trees … a whole lot of fun for all involved!

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