Taking our cue from the children

Our child-centred approach to our curriculum promotes the development of creativity, individuality and self-confidence through working in partnership with parents to provide the highest standards of early learning.

Our emergent curriculum takes a holistic approach to child development. The outside world is their classroom and regular interactions with this world build our children up to become capable and competent learners. It makes children learners for life.

Child-led learning

Growing Naenae’s neighbourhood heroes

“Working together to build Naenae’s neighbourhood heroes”. Ako whanau: Ako tamaiti

We bring to life this centre vision as part of our daily programme by endeavouring to reach our local Naenae community to visit the local businesses and public services, such as our libraries, marae and schools.

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Health and wellbeing programme

Healthy body = healthy minds. We offer nutritious meals and plenty of exercise in our large outdoor areas for your child. Our cook teaches them how to prepare healthy meals regularly while enticing outdoor equipment keeps them engaged and active throughout the day.

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Purpose-built centre

School readiness programme

We aim to provide a smooth transition to school for your child. To this effect, our programme to get children ready for school assists in developing the key competencies your child will need for their school journey: managing self; thinking; using language, symbols and texts; relating to others; and participating and contributing. All these skills can make the adjustment to school life a little bit easier.

The programme is tailored to the unique needs of every child. Positive social, physical, mental, linguistic and cognitive growth is promoted to boost language and literacy skills. We also encourage a passion for arts and crafts, music, mathematics, science, social studies, writing and reading.

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