Fueled by your child’s imagination and curiosity

Our child care curriculum at Titahi Bay center emerges from your child’s interests and unfolds and changes each day. As teachers we provide the resources, time, space and support for your child to explore, experiment and try things out.

Our child care programme enables your child to have a terrific, fascinating, inspiring, crazy, totally awesome time so they will not only learn more, but better. Guided by the principles of Te Whariki, our emergent curriculum is wrapped around nature and gets your child not just school-ready, but also life-ready.

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Infants House (4 months to 2 years)

Home for most part of the day for our youngest children, our Infants House is a calm and nurturing environment. Under the care of a primary caregiver, your baby will grow and learn at their own pace. Experienced child care teachers work to provide the highest quality of care for children using the children’s parents’ aspiration as a guide.

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Preschool House (2-5 years)

Our nature adventure programme makes up a large part of our curriculum for the children in this house. We believe that the natural outdoors is the best classroom a child can have wall-less and brimming with things to discover. At All About Children, we are well-recognised for our nature walks and exploration programme. Not only is it educational but helps create lifelong memories for your child.

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Our early learning centre curriculum, titahi bay
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Emergent curriculum

Emergent child care curriculum is all about bringing the children to knowledge rather than bringing the knowledge to the child. This approach places your child in the driver’s seat. Teachers are guides who encourage your children to investigate their own ideas.

Our experiences are not planned in advance; they are spontaneous and come through observations of teachers on where your child’s interests lie. Get in touch to find out about emergent curriculum.

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